Cluster 5: Sound for Virtual Reality: An Exploration of 3D Sound and Movement Using Python and Game Engines



Dr. Jim Simmons, Music Department, CSUF

Dr. Martin Jaroszewicz, Visiting Instructor, UCI

Prerequisites: Geometry, Algebra or Integrated Math I; basic knowledge of programming language is recommended but not required

Course Description:

The goal of this cluster is to introduce students to the fundamentals of spatial sound with a  focus on virtual reality. Working in groups within a unique lab setting, students will collaborate to design and build a sound-oriented virtual reality (VR) experience. The course explores aspects of analog and digital audio, sound programming, the python programming language and VR engines and tools for the creation and manipulation of sounds in space..

  • Part 1: Field recording techniques and audio editing. Students will learn how to record outdoor/indoor sounds using ambisonic field recorders, and how to edit and process the recorded sounds to create audio assets for VR.
  • Part 2: Python Scripting: Working with python inside SideFx’s Houdini, students will learn how to model parametric curves to create paths for sounds in VR. Students will learn how to use python in a 3D software environment and how to create a sound oriented VR application using the Unreal Engine.