Distinguished Lecture Series

Once a week, COSMOS invites distinguished scientists from different STEM fields to speak to all students as a part of our All-COSMOS Distinguished Lecture Series. The lectures showcase how different fields of math and science are interrelated and collaborate to develop new research and solve problems. Students attend the lecture series as a part of their course on communicating science. Past lecturers have included world-renown physicists, astronomers, engineers, climate scientists, mathematicians, oceanographers, and biologists.

All Distinguished Lectures are held in the Anteater Learning Pavilion at 1:15pm on Wednesdays (except for the final lecture, which is held on a Monday).

The 2019 Distinguished Lecture Lineup is as follows:

July 10: Dr. Celia Goulding, Departments of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences

July 17: Dr. Jennifer Prescher, Department of Chemistry

July 24: Dr. Manoj Kaplinghat, Department of Physics and Astronomy

July 29: Dr. Arthur Benjamin, Department of Mathematics (Harvey Mudd College)

Please read more about our distinguished lecture speakers by clicking the link below!