Cluster 1 Mimicking Natural Protein Protein Interactions to Target Cancer and Other Diseases
Robert Spitale, Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, UCI
Scott Atwood, Assistant Professor, Developmental & Cell Biology, UCI


Cluster 2 Computation and Machine Learning: Physics, Big Data, and Our Understanding of the Universe
Albert Siryaporn, Assistant Professor, Physics & Astronomy, UCI
Franklin Dollar, Assistant Professor,  Physics & Astronomy, UCI


Cluster 3 Tissue and Tumor Biology and Mathematical/Computational Modeling  
John Lowengrub, Chancellor’s Professor, Mathematics, UCI


Cluster 4 Can you make the next billion-dollar antibiotic?
David Van Vranken, Professor, Chemistry, UCI
Rachael Barry, Assistant Teaching Professor, UCI


Cluster 5 Sound for Virtual Reality: An Exploration of 3D Sound and Movement Using Mobile Devices and Wearable Sensors 
Jim Simmons, Professor, Music Department, CSUF
Martin Jaroszewicz, Visiting Instructor, UCI


Cluster 6 Biomedical Sciences – Clinical Translational Science: The Next Generation of Biomedical Research
Dan Cooper, Professor and AVC, Clinical and Translational Research, Pediatrics, UCI
Diana Vigil, Admin Analyst, Institute For Clncl Trans Sci, UCI


Cluster 7 BioEngineering Your Brain: Controlling the World with Your Brainwaves
Beth Lopour, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering,  UCI
Christine King, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Biomedical Engineering, UCI


Cluster 8 Genes, Genomes, and Biocontrol 
Ali Mortazavi, Professor, Developmental & Cell Biology, UCI 
Debra Mauzy-Melitz, Lect SOE-Emeritus, Developmental & Cell Biology, UCI


Cluster 9 Sustainable Civil Engineering Infrastructure
Garrett Struckhoff, Associate Professor, Environmental Engineering, CSUF
Joel Lanning, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Civil & Environmental Engineering, UCI