Cluster 1: Exploring the Use of Data Science in the Health Sciences
Dr. Babak Shahbaba, Department of Statistics, UCI
Dr. Mine Dogucu, Department of Statistics, UCI


Cluster 2: Computation and Machine Learning: Physics, Big Data, and Our Understanding of the Universe
Dr. Albert Siryaporn, Assistant Professor, Physics & Astronomy, UCI
Dr. Franklin Dollar, Assistant Professor,  Physics & Astronomy, UCI


Cluster 3: Tissue and Tumor Biology and Mathematical/Computational Modeling
Dr. John Lowengrub, Chancellor’s Professor, Mathematics, UCI


Cluster 4: Sustainable Civil Engineering Infrastructure
Dr. Garrett Struckhoff, Associate Professor, Environmental Engineering, CSUF
Dr. Joel Lanning, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Civil & Environmental Engineering, UCI


Cluster 5: Spatial Sound: An Exploration of 3D Sound with Applications in Virtual Reality
Jim Simmons, BM, MFA, Professor, Music Department, CSUF
Dr. Martin Jaroszewicz, Visiting Instructor, UCI


Cluster 6: Genes, Genomes, and Biocontrol 
Dr. Ali Mortazavi, Professor, Developmental & Cell Biology, UCI 
Dr. Debra Mauzy-Melitz, Lect SOE-Emeritus, Developmental & Cell Biology, UCI


Cluster 7: BioEngineering Your Brain: Controlling the World with Your Brainwaves
Dr. Beth Lopour, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering,  UCI
Dr. Christine King, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Biomedical Engineering, UCI



(Please Note: The clusters listed below are NOT offered for 2021)


Mimicking Natural Protein Protein Interactions to Target Cancer and Other Diseases
Dr. Robert Spitale, Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, UCI
Dr. Scott Atwood, Assistant Professor, Developmental & Cell Biology, UCI


Can you make the next billion-dollar antibiotic?
Dr. David Van Vranken, Professor, Chemistry, UCI
Dr. Rachael Barry, Assistant Teaching Professor, UCI
Biomedical Sciences – Clinical Translational Science: The Next Generation of Biomedical Research
Dr. Dan Cooper, Professor and AVC, Clinical and Translational Research, Pediatrics, UCI
Diana Vigil, Admin Analyst, Institute For Clinical Translational Science, UCI